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Schools for Humanity Today, more than ever, we need a revolution in education and SFH is leading the way. More >
Schools for Humanity We’ve been in touch with the U.S. State Department to learn how Schools for Humanity can help with the tragedy in Haiti. More >
Schools for Humanity “You’re making such a difference to our community. Before the school, we had no hope. With the school we can make dreams...” More >
Why Schools for Humanity
The Facts

SFH makes access to focused critical life skills education, problem solving, team building and leadership development an available reality to anyone, anywhere connecting individual and multi-national student teams by leveraging the web to facilitate their communication and learning process.

We certify and then provide qualified student and adult mentors to facilitate individual and group project-based learning; educating students while helping communities solve real life problems and providing participants with team building and critical life skills experience to create a foundation for critical individual and community development, by having:

  1. Access to our free nondiscriminatory Web/Mobile (directly by users and indirectly via schools, libraries, community centers) education programs, processes, and lives volunteer community of student mentors.
  2. SFH Learning Content, including:
    • Practical life skills (media literacy, personal finance, relationship management, project management, health…)
    • Innovative thinking (uDecisioning, process thinking)
    • Non-standard education (entrepreneurship, philanthropy, global citizenship, social justice)

The Need

  • Solutions that foster leadership and problem-solving skills for students in developed nations
  • Free, open access to essential education for students, especially in developing nations
  • Bridging of the digital divide and ensuring gender equity throughout the world
  • A platform that effectively inspires innovative solutions to unprecedented social, economic and environmental challenges
Today, some reports suggest that more than one hundred million children around the globe are not enrolled in school. Of the nearly two billion other children enrolled in school, many are unable to attend, whether by choice or circumstance.

The Benefits (SFH's vision realized)

  • Essential education for all, regardless of age, gender, geography, or economic status
  • A more prosperous and productive community
  • Accelerated rate of innovation and problem solving
  • Fostering of much-needed leadership skills in our future leaders
  • A more socially-minded citizenry
  • A healthier population, longer life-span
  • More peace

The Consequences of Inaction

  • Underutilization of human potential
  • Less educated workforce creating a competitive disadvantage in the global economy
  • Perpetuation of divisive ideologies which increase conflict and hinder innovation
  • Next generations of citizens unprepared for life in the 21st century and beyond
  • Lower relative rate of innovation (negatively impacting social, environmental, and economic trends)
  • Rising crime, conflict, poverty, health, environmental, social, and poly-economic issues.