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SFH Global Essential Learning Toolbox
Our Solution
Mentors & Mentees

Our Global Essential Learning Toolbox consists of a unique set of interdisciplinary courses and trainings that encompass practical life skills, innovative thinking, and problem-solving education.

Some mentors will be expected to have multi-lingual proficiency depending on their mentee group. They focus specifically on individual and team learning. As a coach, SFH mentors observe mentees’ academic and team performance, contributions, and attitude providing mentees with assessments to help improve learning.

  1. Innovative Thinking Matters: This course is designed to foster creative problem-solving skills through asking the right set of questions, keen observations, open interactions with others, quality experimentations, and connecting the dots in ways that matter.

    Innovative Thinking Matters addresses the following questions: What is innovative thinking? How can it be used to resolve everyday and, at times, extraordinary challenges? What steps are needed to spark breakthrough innovative thinking by leveraging the power of individual and group ideation process? Participants learn tactics for brainstorming, overcoming resistance to change, as well as developing and implementing team solutions for individual, family, group, or community problems.

  2. Decision Making Matters: This course includes an easy, robust decision making methodology, uDecisioningSM, designed by Univetica to help more people make better decisions more often. It is composed of 3 components—Asking the Right Questions, OSI (Objectivity, Sensibility, and Impact), and WECore (where Wisdom, Equity, and Commitment converge)—that, when employed in sequence, create a powerful new paradigm for decision making.

    uDecisioning has the potential to turn any problem, proposition, or issue into a clearer and more positive outcome. Sometimes, as individuals, groups, or even entire organizations, we need solutions to specific problems. Sometimes, we are faced with a proposition and must weigh a variety of options before reaching an agreement. And still, at other times, all we need is a bit of clarity about complex issues. For all of these problems, propositions, and issues, uDecisioning can help get you from point A to point B.

  3. Communication Matters: This course is designed to help develop effective communication skills that help better elicit change, generate action, create understanding, and share ideas. Participants learn how to foster cross-cultural understanding, built trustworthy and respectful relationship, and avoid misunderstandings and conflict.

  4. Health Matters: This course assists participants in identifying, understanding, and resolving individual, family, and community health issues in diverse settings. Participants gain insight into the various racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, and socioeconomic factors that contribute to individual and public health.

    Health Matters addresses the following questions: Why health matters to individual success and community growth? How to resist social pressures and influences that promote risky health behaviors? How to focus on clear health goals for yourself and your family? What is the role of a healthy diet in an otherwise unhealthy environment?

  5. Environment Matters: This course builds understanding around major issues impacting our environment including air and water pollution, soil degradation, deforestation, climate change, and energy. Environment Matters teaches participants to think critically about life choices that impact the environment locally and globally as well as evaluate cost-effective solutions to tackle environmental challenges.

  6. Community Matters: This course focuses on the community’s synergistic value based on a combination of cultures, landscapes, traditions, values and people. Participants learn the value of interconnectivity between people, environment, economy, health, and education. Community Matters reinforces the individual and collective need for collaboration and problem-solving, leveraging diversity for positive change.

  7. Information Matters: This course is intended to prepare participants for success in today’s information age and the global transition to a knowledge economy. Effective information improves the overall well being of the program participants, and their collective communities.

    Information Matters addresses the following questions: How to locate and organize information? Why information rules and how to be an information king or queen? How to effectively evaluate available information and easily separate fact from fiction?

  8. Money Matters: This course teaches financial literacy and assists participants in better understanding money, banking, business, and the economy in today’s world. Participants develop the necessary skills to make informed financial decisions for themselves and their families.

    Money Matters addresses the following financial literacy and management questions: How to make and save money? What are the basics of financial planning? How does debt work? What do taxes and inflation have to do with the price of tea in China? Why planning for retirement makes more sense at 16 than 61?

  9. Relationship Matters: This personal growth education encourages active participation in promoting intellectual, emotional, physical, social, cultural and spiritual growth. This course fosters effective relationship management skills for personal and professional purposes. So, whether dealing with classmates, colleagues, families, or friends, Relationship Matters will help enrich your life and relationships through better communications and understanding.

  10. Leadership Matters: This course focuses on building leadership skills that are vital to the success of any organization or group. The program provides opportunities to learn through real life engagement and problem-solving activities, assignments, and projects that improve the participant’s ability to build and effectively manage partnerships. Participants learn to deal with conflict, maximize inclusion, empower others, encourage commitment, and appreciate differences in groups, communities, and their larger global society.

    Leadership Matters cultivates character, boosts confidence, and teaches team building and collaboration, as well as strategic planning, design, and execution.

  11. Social Entrepreneurship Matters: This course fosters the entrepreneurial spirit in a socially relevant context. Participants learn how to hone their entrepreneurial skills and leverage resources to build not only enduring economic value but social value as well.

    Social Entrepreneurship Matters addresses the following questions: What does it mean to be a social entrepreneur? How to create social and economic value? How to measure social and economic return on investment (ROI)? Which road to take, non-profit or for-profit?